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Mission Statement

My goal as a doctor and fellow human being is to constantly strive for physical perfection; honoring every individual who crosses my path.  Everyone has the right to attain and maintain as high a quality of health as possible, and our health care system should facilitate that goal. This has been the focus of my life personally and professionally. I eat, sleep drink, and dream about understanding my own health, the health of my family, friends and of course my patients. I grew up believing that if you can’t be good, then you must be great at something… since mediocrity is unacceptable, and is not an option.

This applies to all aspect of my life and health. My professional career has been a reflection of my personal journey and a life long quest to be healthier, stronger and honor the gifts that I inherited; and to share what I have learned with those in my life who are interested in the same.

The eternal question is… What else do I need to do to be healthier and more vital and in touch with the underlying needs of my body mind and soul? I have been wholistic or whole body minded oriented my entire career. Diagnostically, as well as treatment. Working from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head. Being all inclusive of all health care
specialties… not exclusive.

As I fill in the missing pieces to achieve optimal health, I remain realistic and humble about what my knowledge lacks. Nobody can know everything, but we should always strive for that goal.

I’m constantly seeking help from other specialties, for information and technical support. Diagnosis is the lost art in health care, in both traditional medicine as well as alternative health care.

In medical texts, for physical diagnosis, it states, that over 50% of the time, the patient knows exactly what is wrong, and that has been the key to my evolvement and development as a cranial TMJ specialist.

TMJ/TMD/CMD have become the primary focus in my practice as my clinical experience has demonstrated that jaw dysfunctions drive a lot of the chronic health problems that people experience today.

The strongest muscles in the body are attached to the TMJ and Sacro-illiac and the pelvis.  Treating these two areas are the foundation of my approach when diagnosing and treating the whole body.

Dr. Richard Gerardo