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Richard C. Gerardo D.C., ChiropractorHave you tried to stop chronic pain, but haven’t found a solution? Are you experiencing…

●  Headaches, jaw and tooth pain?
●  Neck and shoulder pain?
●  Upper, mid and lower back pain, sciatica?
●  Foot pain?

Chronic pain in these areas may be caused by temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), sleep apnea and craniofacial problems. The muscular skeletal system is completely interconnected.   Sometimes pain is felt in one area, while its cause is somewhere else.  For example, TMJ disorder affects the jaw joint, but pain may be felt in the teeth, neck, shoulder, back and even the feet. That’s why the disorder is often called “the great deceiver”.

In addition, sleep apnea is sometimes associated with TMJ dysfunction. Obstruction in the airway can cause tension in the jaw, teeth grinding and a subsequent TMJ disorder.

Our bodies are designed to adapt and compensate for injuries and illness, but sometimes symptoms and pain persist. Unfortunately, many healthcare providers try to treat the symptoms, but they may not fully understand or treat the cause of the problem. Consequently, pain often returns.

As an integrative chiropractor, I work with several teams of medical specialists throughout California to diagnose the causes of chronic pain problems. Rather than just reducing the symptoms, we create a treatment plan that logically addresses the causes of your chronic pain. We use a systematic and sequential approach to treat your condition. These methods have been highly successful for efficiently and quickly resolving chronic pain in the majority of our patients.

I have been in practice since 1985, and my experience and continuing education have helped me evolve my practice into a whole-body approach to healthcare. It includes nutrition, cranial therapy, soft and deep tissue therapy, and foot orthotics. For some patients, treatment may also include orthodontics designed by a dentist specializing in TMJ disorders and airway disorders.

During initial evaluations with new patients, we discuss pre-existing conditions and identify any injuries that may have triggered the symptoms. This process helps to determine the course of treatment and the experts who may be needed to help evaluate and treat the problems.

The video below will help to answer many of your questions about chronic pain. New videos are added periodically to this website, so please re-visit us. I invite you to call our office if you have any questions: (818) 567-0866.